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1 Aug, 2018

The Lamb Upon His Throne

by Gwynn Williams

The Lamb Upon His Throne – A look at Christ’s Ascension   Gwynn Williams 36 page Free   For a copy, click here

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30 Jan, 2016

Preaching – an Awesome Task

by D Eryl Davies

ISBN: 9781783971572 Pages: 112 Price: £5.99 PB 218x138mm Published by Bryntirion Press Available to buy through your local Christian Bookshop or on our online bookstore. This book serves as a reality check for the gospel preacher. By way of clear exegesis, stirring quotations, telling illustrations and probing questions, Eryl Davies compels us to ask, ‘Does…

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30 Jan, 2016

Jesus: Power without Measure

by Douglas MacMillan

ISBN: 9781783971664 Pages: 160 Price: £8.99 PB 217x138mm Published by Bryntirion Press Available from one of our bookshops or on our online bookshop. “Jesus: Power without Measure ranks as one of the most pivotal books in my understanding of the person and work of Christ It sheds biblical light on every aspect of Christ’s atoning…

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1 Mar, 2015

With God all things are possible

by Maureen Wise

ISBN 9781783970537 Pages: 246 Price: £9.99 PB Published by Bryntirion Press Buy the book from our bookshops or from tenofthose Moldova is one of the old ‘Soviet bloc’ countries about which little is known in the West even today. These pages talk of a Saviour determined to save those shut away in closed institutions in…

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1 Mar, 2014

Crazy but True

by Natalie Brand

ISBN: 9781783970667 Pages: 105 Price: £5.99 PB Publisheed by Bryntirion Press Buy the book from one of our bookshops or from tenofthose   What the Bible teaches about Jesus Christ is a crazy message for women today. Why is it crazy? Because it teaches that when we have faith in Jesus, we are connected to…

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1 Mar, 2014

Dr Martyn Lloyd–Jones and Evangelicals in Wales

by D Eryl Davies

ISBN 9781783970568 Pages: 442 Price: £16.99 PB Publisher Bryntirion Press Buy this book from one of our bookshops or from the online bookstore This volume affords a fascinating glimpse into the stresses as well as the achievements of twentieth and twenty first century Welsh evangelicalism. It is an admirable contribution to our understanding of recent…

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30 Jan, 2014

Revival in Wales

by Emyr Roberts

ISBN: 9781783970698 Pages: 174 Price: £7.99 PB 200x129mm Published by Bryntirion Press This volume will be welcomed by all who are interested in the topic of religious revival and its consequences. The volume is published to record the one hundredth anniversary, in 2015, of the birth of Emyr Roberts (1915-88). Although over a quarter of…

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1 Jan, 2014

Something must be known and felt

by Stuart Olyott

ISBN 9781783970674 Pages: 150 Price: £8.99 PB Published by Bryntirion Press Buy from our bookshops or from tenofthose In true Christianity God’s revealed truth is believed, it is lived out, and it is felt. It impacts the soul. If we forget this we will eventually lose biblical religion altogether. But what are we to make of our emotions?…

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1 Mar, 2013

Faithful God

by Sinclair B Ferguson

ISBN: 9781850492474 Pages: 144 Price: £8.99 PB 213x135mm Published by Bryntirion Press The book of Ruth records experiences of joy and sorrow; it tells a story of home life, romance and marriage, of unexpected conversion and radical consecration. Here is a vital part of the biblical narrative of redemptive history, focusing like a microscope on…

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1 Jan, 2013

Ardent Love for Jesus

by Michael AG Haykin

ISBN: 9781850492481 Pages: 160 Price: £8.99 PB 216x139mm Published by: Bryntirion Press The role that the celebrated William Carey played at the outset of the modern missionary movement is farily well know. What is relitively unknow, however, is the story of the band of brothers that mentored Carey and then supported him when he went…

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