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Aber Conference

14 Aug, 1979

Douglas MacMillan – Aber 1979: 1

by Douglas MacMillan

Tuesday Morning at Aber 1979. Douglas MacMillan on Psalm 23 – ‘The ‘Shepherd’ theme’ Apologies in advance! Unfortunately, the quality of the recording isn’t great for this series – especially parts 3 and 4. We’ve done our best to soften it, but there is a lot of crackling over the audio in some places.

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18 Aug, 1978

Andrew Davies – Aber 1978

by Andrew Davies

Friday Evening at Aber 1978. Andrew Davies speaking on Matthew 7:13-14.

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17 Aug, 1978

Gordon MacDonald – Aber 1978

by Gordon MacDonald

Thursday Evening at Aber 1978. Gordon MacDonald speaking on Hebrews 6:18 – ‘We have fled for refuge’

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16 Aug, 1978

Irvon Parry – Aber 1978

by Irvon Parry

Wednesday Evening at Aber 1978. Irvon Parry speaking on Psalm 107:1-2: ‘Praise the Lord for His goodness’

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