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30 Jan, 2019

The Power of the Church

by Mark Thomas

Sermon given as part of the church training days, that included 2 preaching sessions and 14 seminars.

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9 Jun, 2015

Guarding the heart

by Andy Christofides

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11 Aug, 2011

David Meredith – Aber 2011: 2

by David Meredith

Thursday Evening at Aber 2011 – David Meredith on Acts 2:2-4, ‘The Holy Spirit is out-poured on the Church’

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10 Aug, 2011

David Meredith – Aber 2011: 1

by David Meredith

Wednesday Evening at Aber 2011. David Meredith speaking on Acts1:1-11, ‘Are you going to restore the Kingdom to Israel?’

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3 Aug, 2010

Martin Downes – Aber 2010

by Martin Downes

Tuesday Evening at Aber 2010. ‘What happens when the Gospel gets personal’ Acts 24

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9 Aug, 2004

John Blanchard – Aber 2004

by John Blanchard

Monday Evening at Aber 2004. John Blanchard speaking on Acts 16:9 – ‘Motives for Mission’

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11 Aug, 1999

Phil Swann – Aber 1999

by Phil Swann

Wednesday evening at Aber 1999. Phil Swann speaking on Acts 4:12

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8 Aug, 1994

Sam Lewis – Aber 1994

by Sam Lewis

Monday Evening at Aber 1994. Sam Lewis speaking on Acts 4:12 – ‘No other Name’

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