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Matthew 6

18 Aug, 2020

EMW Daily Devotion – 19 August 2020

by Meirion Thomas

“Our Father…” Matthew 6:9  Is there a higher, greater or more thrilling relationship than that of knowing God as our heavenly Father? Is there a more profound and awesome experience than the reality of being able to call the great Creator God, Judge and Redeemer “our Father”? Is there a more intimate, secure and stable…

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13 Aug, 2020

EMW Daily Devotion – 17 August 2020

by Thomas Watson

Pray then like this Matthew 6:9 The model prayer Our Lord Jesus, in these words, gave to his disciples and to us a directory for prayer. The ten commandments are the rule of our life, the creed is the sum of our faith, and the Lord’s prayer is the pattern of our prayer. As God…

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16 Jul, 2020

EMW Daily Devotion – 17 July 2020

by Iwan Rhys Jones

Pray then like this: “Our Father in heaven, hallowed be your name.” Matthew 6:9   “Our Father, who art in heaven….” It is quite likely that these are among the most well-known words of the New Testament. Many Christians would say that these words are very dear to them, as they are reminded of one…

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