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14 Aug, 2001

Owen Jones – Aber 2001

by Owen Jones

Tuesday Evening at Aber 2001. Owen Jones speaking on Genesis 6:22 – ‘The Countdown’

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9 Aug, 1988

Philip Utley – Aber 1988

by Philip Utley

Tuesday evening at Aber 1988. Philip Utley speaking on Genesis 6 – ‘The days of Noah’

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17 Aug, 1984

Douglas MacMillan – Aber 1984

by Douglas MacMillan

Friday Evening at Aber 1984. Douglas MacMillan speaking on Genesis 6:3 – ‘My spirit will not always strive with man’

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11 Aug, 1981

Bruce Powell – Aber 1981

by Bruce Powell

Tuesday Evening at Aber 1981. Bruce Powell speaking on Genesis 6:8 – ‘Noah found grace in the eyes of the Lord’

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