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Overcoming difficulties in prayer part 1

5 October 2021 | by Stuart Olyott

Struggles in prayer is something we all experience. When we add personal struggle in prayer to the regular struggles in ministry it can soon lead a Christian leader into a place of shame and a sense of failure. Truth is we don’t talk much about this as leaders together. So it is a real delight to hear Stuart Olyott speaking help and encouragement into this area of our lives.

We believe this two part series is a particularly helpful series and whether you are a Church leader or not you will find comfort, support and help that leads you to prayer here.

Remember if you find this series helpful to pass it on to others too!

Stuart Olyott has been a pastor in Wales, the UK and pioneering new churches in both France and Switzerland.

He has travelled widely, helping and encouraging especially young and inexperienced pastors in the UK and Europe. Now semi-retired he continues his work from his home in Liverpool.