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The Old, Old Story

12 August 2020 | by Gwynn Williams

  • Good news for everyone today
  • Gwynn Williams
  • 68 page

The title of this book, ‘the old, old story’, may put you off reading it! Don’t people use this phrase to talk with contempt about something outdated and irrelevant? Do we not need to live in the present world and be up to date? Do we not need to meet the challenge of the present, not get lost in the past?
It is true that the Christian gospel is ‘old, old history’ – and yet it is also extremely fresh and relevant. It is the good news of the eternal, unchanging God. It does not need to be improved or updated. Quite the opposite: it is good news for everyone in every age, it is good news for everyone today.
The aim of this booklet, therefore, is to try to open the eyes of Christians – and all who want to know the essence of the Christian faith – to see the greatness of the gospel of Jesus Christ by looking at seven illustrations found in the Bible. Although each chapter can stand alone, we have tried to vary the emphasis in them to convey a broader view of ‘the old, old story’.
May the content help us to marvel once more at the gospel. There is nothing more valuable in the whole world!

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