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EMW Daily Devotion – 9 April 2020

9 April 2020 | by Meirion Thomas | Psalm 46

Be still and know that I am God.

Psalm 46:10


It was 46 minutes past 5 on the morning of January 17, 1995 in Kobe, central Japan when a terrible earthquake occurred. 4,600 lives were lost. The Pastor of a church went to look for his oldest member – a widow living on her own in a flat. After getting through the rubble he got through the door hanging off its hinges into a room. There alone in her dust filled room surrounded by mess and devastation sat the old lady, a picture of serenity and stillness. She had an open Bible on her lap with a  finger placed securely on Psalm 46 vs 10.

Being invited to slow down and know God is a great privilege and blessing. This Psalm encourages us to know God in His Protection, His Provision and His Promise.

God’s Protection

The context of the psalm is one of trouble, possible collapse of mountains and surging seas. Then uproar of nations, kingdom collapse, war and devastation. Everything is chaos, crisis and confusing for believers. But God provides His refuge, ever present as a mighty fortress. A stronghold of spiritual support. A safe shelter from all the storms of life. In Christ the protection is fully realised as the refuge and shelter becomes fully accessible in Jesus our hiding place.  Be still for a moment to know and enjoy God’s protection.

God’s Provision

From Creation to the end of time God’s kind, generous provisions are abundant and unlimited. Here the main provision for the city is a river streaming through the city. Its plentiful life giving supply brings gladness. The city is God’s dwelling place. The river flowing through the city communicates that God himself is the provider of all blessings but ultimately He is the provision. He graciously gives us Himself! In Jesus we get the presence of God and the life giving water of eternal life. At a time when getting our provisions sorted from shops, hospitals, banks and all other source has created stress and panic let’s enjoy the free superabundant provision of God.

God’s Promise

Government promises and our best promises although sincere have huge limitations and restrictions attached. Verse 10 assures us that God’s ultimate plan and promised purpose is settled and secure. His exaltation among the nations has already been fulfilled in Christ. Christ is now exalted at the right hand of the majesty on high. The gospel is going out to all nations. But the final exaltation on earth is to come when Christ returns. We are living with the hope of that great day. When all other promises fail and disappoint this sure “ I Will ” of God encourages and even excites us!

Who is great enough to protect, provide and promise on this massive scale. Verses 7 & 11 tell us loud and clear. The Lord Almighty. His power to perform is never to be doubted.

Am I worthy of all His protection, provision and promise?  Well be encouraged He’s the God of Jacob. Jacob the liar, cheat and twister! Its all graciously given in mercy and covenant love.

Take a moment to BE STILL and know our Great, Good, Generous and Glorious God

Meirion Thomas, Malpas Road Evangelical Church