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EMW Daily Devotion – 3 April 2020

3 April 2020 | by Dewi Tudur | Hebrews 4

Let us then with confidence draw near to the throne of grace, that we may receive mercy and find grace to help in time of need.

Hebrews 4:16


This verse, as do scores of others in the Bible, invites us to pray.

“What else can we do?” we say! Everything about our present circumstances in connection with the virus makes us feel so unable to do anything, and that we are at the mercy of  some sort of invisible monster which is spreading its poison through our land. Prayer is important and nothing is more important than our bringing of the whole situation before the Throne of Grace and to our omnipotent God. Maybe there is little power in our prayers but the One we pray to is powerful indeed.

Prior to the verse we are looking at today the author has been focusing on the Lord Jesus as our High Priest. It was the high priest who represented the people in Old Testament times and he presented a sacrifice to God on behalf of the people. The Lord Jesus has also presented a sacrifice for us, not an animal, but his own blood.

Take note therefore how this verse follows logically. “Let us THEN” – because of that and on those grounds let us with confidence draw near to God. Not because we are deserving but by the merits of Jesus Christ’s sacrifice in dying on the cross for us.  The place where we meet with God is called the “Throne of Grace”.

Our  first plea every morning should be a plea for mercy. That is always the way in the Bible. The important things are to come first. And the most important is our relationship with God. How are things between you and God today? Do you have a relationship with him? Are you at peace with him? Remember God has made a way by which we can be brought into a relationship with him and for there to be peace between us through Jesus. As we come to admit that we cannot trust in our own strength and goodness and to confess our sin and our failure and  simply trusting in Jesus we can come to God and receive mercy. This is the gospel which is relevant to us all.

The second thing we ask for is for grace in our time of need. We ask for help to live for God. For strength to stop panicking but to simply trust in God. These words have been quoted thousands of times in the past as the saints have been faced with extreme circumstances. The same words are relevant to us today in our situation. Grace to help in our time of need! Remember that the verse immediately before this one assures us that Jesus sympathises with us. We do not have a saviour who dismisses our needs but one who truly gives us all we need in accordance with our need.

He invites us to pray and he intends to answer. He does not give a stone to those who ask for bread.  He may not answer us precisely as we expect him to but he has promised that we will not be disappointed and that at times he will improve on our requests by giving us even more than we ever imagine. That’s the kind of God he is. Every blessing today and keep safe.

Dewi Tudur (Talsarnau)