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Blunt Words for Tough Times

7 February 2019 | by Gwynn Williams | Malachi

Blunt Words for Tough Times – Malachi’s Message for Today

  • Gwynn Williams
  • 48 page
  • free

Many have noted that the prophetic books that come at the end of the Old Testament are the ones least familiar to Christians today. For some, they are the cleanest pages in their Bibles! Nevertheless, these books are very relevant as they address issues of immediate concern to our contemporary situations.
The book of Malachi, like every other book in the Bible, is inspired by God and is for our benefit. In turning to Malachi, therefore, our aim is both to understand its message and underline the spiritual lessons it contains for us today.
It was Gwynn Williams’s prayer that the content would be helpful, challenging, comforting and a blessing to all who read it.

In these sermons Gwynn Williams presents profound and searching truths with a light touch and in an easy-to-read style. Under the blessing of God, they will challenge and enrich the lives of those that read them.
Mark Thomas
Pastor, Borras Park Evangelical Church, Wrexham and General Secretary of the EMW

Gwynn Williams was a preacher who devoted his life to serve the work of the gospel amongst Welsh speakers. I often sat under his ministry and was amazed that we got to keep such great preaching to ‘ourselves’. However, with the publication of his sermons in English, we are now able to share him with the world! These sermons are a typical example of his preaching: Crafted, concise, clear, challenging, and Christ-Centred. In these few short chapters you will be faithfully taken through the pages of Malachi, challenged to consider your own life, and have your eyes lifted to the Lord. Gwynn was easy to listen to, but his sermons were never ‘easy listening’ as he would challenge with pinpoint accuracy, just as he does in these pages. I pray that Gwynn’s faithful sermons will bear fruit in ways he could never have imagined.
Jonathan Thomas,
Pastor, Cornerstone Church, Abergavenny and Pastoral Dean, Union School of Theology

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