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Reflections on the Swansea mission

1 January 2014 | by Steffan Jones

Reflections on the Swansea mission

It has been excellent to work together as many and varied churches. I believe this will have a long term impact on our church’s prayer life and desire for the wider kingdom. It has been very encouraging to see unity with others with whom we have not worked before and the desire that people would be saved, no matter what church they are from.

Locally, we have seen over 70 hear the gospel in our own events, at least half of those for the first time! This has brought great encouragement. Five people have asked for Bibles, five asked for the DVDs about Jesus and three have asked to do Christianity Explored.

We look forward to repeating this in the future, and continue to pray that people would be struck by what they have heard and many saved.

I preached recently on Isaiah 55 on the fact that, like the rain not falling to earth without accomplishing its purpose, neither has a single word dropped from heaven during the mission week that will fail to fulfil the desire God had for it (vv.10-11).

Paul Whiteley is pastor of Penyrheol Community Church.

Within 3 days, 700 people were reached. With planning and willingness to spend money we can reach a large number of folk with the gospel. As yet no conversions seen, but we have ‘sown’, had speakers in to ‘water’ and we look to and trust in God ‘to give the increase’. And there have been no ‘post-mission blues’! This has brought the church together, has really encouraged us and the work is continuing.

Parc Y Scarlets Quiz with Graham Daniels and Deacon Manu saw around 100 present with a lot of unbelievers. Deacon spoke clearly and helpfully. Graham concluded the evening with a fine word on the Parable of the Pearl.

John Blanchard (Ffwrnes Theatre), spoke well and felt encouraged by the particularly attentive hearing. His concluding words on the challenge of the resurrection were especially compelling. Very valuable conversations and many books bought. John was encouraged by the good number of young people who spoke to him asking ‘intelligent’ questions. A group of 30 young people with two of their lecturers came from the local FE college as part of their studies.

Phil Swann is pastor of Llanelli Free Evangelical Church. 

The joint prayer meetings were a tremendous blessing to us as a church – a reminder that we are part of something greater, and part of a prayerful, godly group of churches in the area. Meeting with the church leaders regularly was an encouragement to me, a new pastor, as I saw the support of other church leaders. The mission gave opportunity to focus the prayers and minds of church members.

Through the support of members from EMW and other local churches we were able to produce and deliver newspapers with testimonies/evangelistic articles to the vast majority of households in Pontardawe and surrounding villages. Practically, this would have been impossible without the joint mission.

There were just under 300 at the John Blanchard Meeting – he gave an engaging presentation. It showed the benefits of a joint mission, many different churches sending people along.

Robin Oake spoke very powerfully. Many of those on the ‘fringes’ came and were moved by the message – we are planning to run a Christianity Explored course.

This mission is not an isolated event but part of the continuing prayerful witness of the church. Our work is to keep our eyes fixed on Christ, to pray to our sovereign heavenly Father and to love our neighbours daily, in word and deed. Unless he builds the house we will labour in vain.

Steffan Jones is pastor of Mount Elim Evangelical Church.

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